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Check: Navigation Becker professional.5 LMU

Premium navigation for heavy road users

Becker professional.5 LMU
Becker professional.5 LMU

Cool, much extras in this navigation:

  • voice control
  • livetime map updates
  • well-thought attachmentsystem for your car
  • 47 countries in Europe
  • heavy traffic warning / traffic jam (via mobile-connection)
  • bluetooth connection to use your mobile as hands-free-kit
  • sharp 5″ display
  • 3-D maps
  • speedwarning
  • traffic-lane-control
  • optional package via internet

First view

First thougt at unpacking is: high quality. The construction with border of metal and a display made of glas looks high-grade. Special i like: the plug-wire is not inside the navigation directly, it uses the attachmentsystem as holder. So you can fast remove your Navigation out of car.


First Step is to wire your PC with the navigation via USB. Critic: only runs under Windows, Mac and Linux-user can´t use the software. Luckily i use Windows, so i haven´t problems with it. You can use via Windows Explorer this navigation as a hard drive. Onside you will find the special Software, install it and open a new Account. After registration, you will received a mail with authorisationlink. Confirm it an log into your account via software. It is essentiel, to registrate your navigation, for your livetime Suport of Map-Updates!.

After activation, the first Updates will start soon. It takes ca. 10 minutes to finish these Updates.

Update with Content Manager 2
Update with Content Manager 2

At least: first run. Switch on, choose language, choose your speaker, start.

Plug into car

That´s easy: cupping vessel on window, arm it, plug navigation to holder. First try is for the voice-control. Click on button, say your address: “Address” -> “Location”. The beginnings are not easy. If the car don´t move the system understands it easy, by driving i have to speak very loud. After a few minutes it works better, now the system understands my intakes.
I love the presentation of the maps: need-for-actions are in-time. The statements are clear to understand and it warns you near 1km before you have to change your direction. There are 2 male speakers and also 2 female speakers available. So i choose a female voice to show me the way…

Clear need-for-actions
Clear need-for-actions


I like the navigation from Becker. Very good display, clear orders that will tell early. The configuration is big and their a lot of extra-software available. But every extra cost money, most time it is worth the price, so you will receive detailed maps or a package with more than 4 millions recommendations for your travel.

to the Becker shop

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